УВАГА! Проведення XVIII Міжнародного Фестивалю «Кришталевий Янгол» та Чемпіонату “Beauty CUP of Eurasia» ПЕРЕНОСИТЬСЯ НА КВІТЕНЬ 2021 року! Детальніше… ATTENTION! Holding of the XVIII International Festival «Crystal Angel» and Championship «Beauty CUP of Eurasia» IS POSTPONED TO APRIL 2021. Read more ...

For Foreign participants / Для иностранных участников


Dear friends!

I write this letter to invite you and your Team to participate to the meeting on XVIІI International Festival “CRYSTAL ANGEL” & Championship “Beauty СUP of EURASIA” (competitions of Hairdressing Art, Barbers, Make-up, Nail-design), that we have organized at the Centre of Culture and Arts "KPI" (37. Peremohy prosp.) in KYIV, UKRAINE! The Date; 3 – 4 April 2020.

I hope to see you in Ukraine for this meeting. If you need a visa or some permits for you and your team you can obtain them only by presenting this invitation to the Ukrainian Embassy or your Consular Delegation.

Please send me, as soon as possible, the members list of your Team and in which competition they want to participate, because I must prepare all that is necessary for their competition.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

I'm sure you will not encounter difficulties and I hope to count you among the nations who will be attending KYIV.

Yours faithfully, Prеsident CAT – UKRAINE

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For Foreign participants / Для иностранных участниковFor Foreign participants / Для иностранных участниковFor Foreign participants / Для иностранных участников